Alcohol Addiction


By Steve Valentino

Addiction is a type of compulsive behavior. It urges the addicted person to continue repeating a habit or behavior without the slightest regard of the consequences.

To most of us, alcohol has come to mean a drink that we share with a couple of friends or at a party. However, for a lot of people, alcohol is an addictive drug with sedative properties.


A lot of alcohol is consumed everyday on a social basis. Moderate drinking is not only pleasurable, but studies have also shown that it may actually be good for your health.

It is only when the line between moderate drinking and hard drinking gets blurred that the problem starts. A lot of men and women consume a lot more alcohol on a daily basis than recommended by doctors.

Like all addictive problems, acknowledging that the problem exists is the most difficult part for a person addicted to alcohol. They often think they suffer from depression or high anxiety levels when in reality, the root of their problems lie in their over consumption of alcohol.

The result of this failure to identify alcohol as the main culprit means that the person fails to get the correct treatment and as a consequence, suffers far more than necessary. Seeking professional treatment is the best way to get over this addiction.

Dependency on alcohol is one of the most common addictions and is responsible, both directly and indirectly, for the deaths of many thousands of people every year.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction include losing control when you start drinking, mild or serious withdrawal symptoms when you've not consumed alcohol over a period of time, and noticeable changes in the effects that alcohol has on you.

Alcohol addiction is almost impossible to overcome alone. But before you lose hope, here's some great news - there's plenty of help available!

Once you have acknowledged that you have a problem, treating it becomes that much easier.

There are plenty of organizations and people to help you out. The most famous of these organizations is Alcoholics Anonymous. Spread all over the globe, they've done some amazing work in help alcoholics kick their habit and live clean lives.


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