Can Reading Help Reduce Drug and Alcohol Abuse?


When I was in high school I was a lazy student who rarely, if ever, took any books home. In short, I was able to pass my subjects by "coasting" and without much studying. In one of my English classes, however, I was required to read various books and write book reports.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Author's Court

I approached these assignments with my typical lack of enthusiasm until I decided to read a book entitled A Connecticut Yankee in King Author's Court that was written by Mark Twain.

After all of these years I don't remember much of anything about this book except for the fact that once I started reading this well-known book, I couldn't wait to get home from school so that I could return to what had become an enchanting, exciting story.


The point in mentioning this is that reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Author's Court gave me some tangible meaning and direction in life. Indeed, after reading this book, I discovered that there was another world "out there" in a library that could make me feel more alive regardless of my mood.

Finding and Pursuing One's Passions

I believe that part of our "mission" in life is to discover and then pursue our passions. And when we follow our passions, we usually find out that we have a direction in life and we find meaning.

The Beauty About Reading

The beauty of reading is that no matter what a person's mood, that is, whether he is depressed, lonely, in pain, or sad, there's usually one or more books he can find in a library that somehow, someway helps him overcome his emotional distress and help him start to feel better about life.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Many drug and alcohol abusers and addicts drink and take drugs because of stress, pain, depression, and/or because of a sense of meaninglessness.

Besides getting drug and alcohol treatment and learning some solid coping skills, I think it would be a great idea for drug and alcohol abusers and addicts to visit their local library and find a few books that interest them.

It's amazing what can happen when a person finds hope, excitement, and something meaningful in a book and how this can change his perspective on life. This, in turn, may help the person avoid engaging in drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction.


What is more, this can help the person better deal with his stress, pain, depression, and/or lack of meaning in life and therefore help him refrain from the need to engage in drug and/or alcohol abuse.