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  • Alcoholism Effects on the Body. Learn about alcoholism facts, alcohol abuse facts and how excessive alcohol leads to long term alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

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  • Alcohol addiction. Like all addictive problems, acknowledging that the problem exists is the most difficult part for a person addicted to alcohol.

  • Alcohol Detoxification. Learn about negative alcoholic symptoms, alcohol detox symptoms, and how alcohol detox is part of the alcohol treatment process.

  • Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning. Learn about alcohol overdose, alcohol poisoning symptoms, and how alcohol poisoning can require alcohol poisoning treatment.

  • Alcohol recovery occurs when the sober alcoholic finds happiness and freedom. It involves being with other sober people who are living purpose-filled lives.

  • There are many Alcoholics Anonymous tapes available that are free or for sale. Many of the tapes online can be listened to directly from the various websites.

  • The Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program in CT focuses on two foundational aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous: the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of AA.

  • Here's some fine alcoholism videos that will help you see and hear directly from various people about their struggles with this damaging and unhealthy disease.

  • When a person finds hope and meaning in a book, this can change his perspective on life and possibly help him avoid involvement in drug and alcohol abuse.

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  • The dangers of alcohol are many and include brain disease and degenerative liver disease. Excessive drinking also negatively affects a person's personality.

  • DUI Attorney. Skillful DUI lawyers will assist you every step of the way through the criminal process and will also help you find the answers you need.

  • DUI. Since DUI is the most frequently committed crime in the U.S., it stands to reason that many people have questions about drunk driving and DUIs.

  • DUI Attorney. DUI lawyer information.

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  • Health and alcoholism-related resources.

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  • Treatment for alcoholism usually includes a mixture of doctor-administered medications and counseling to help a person stop drinking and remain sober.